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It is my first blog but not my first web site. I created my first web site back in 1997 called Deber Sala, when I was working with Bell Canada. Between tasks I was getting time to upload stuff in my web site, It was about Eritrean news and some other related links. It was been hosted by Bell Canada. I did a mistake when I quit at 2000 I did not move out my web site and after a while the hosting been terminated since I was no more working there, and I was so busy trying to fit in my new job in New York I forgot my web site and that how gradually it faded out. The idea of writing and having a blog was always in my mind but as they say, there is a time for everything.

Why TheMovingSands?
I was thinking about a name for my blog, many names came to my mind and I could have picked any other name but I thought for a while about the dynamic of life, the daily changes, the constant movement of everything around us, the aging, the time, the migration of people, animals, birds, other living things, the waves, the snow, the rain, the clouds, the winds, the rivers and the movement of  billions of these tiny granular of sands from locations to others carried by the winds to storm the new places in the way of the gradual resettlement and deposition.
The dynamic of life is constant and steady changes per seconds, per minutes, per hours, per days per years and then you stop counting, but still there are decades and centuries and different movement of people, cultures and civilizations. Changes on our own selves, on our kids, on our friends, on our relatives and on all people we know. Every day in Canada we talk about the weather, we check the weather in our smart phone, in our TV channels, in our computers even when we driving we need to check the radio so we can be sure about the weather. We know the seasons change, we know it is winter, we know it will be very cold, windy, snowy but still is our favorite subject, not only that but it is the opening topic for talking to someone you don't know; it is the dynamic of life. The migration under seas, on sky and on the ground we see it but also we are part of it. I remember back in the year 2000 I was driving from New York City going to Ottawa, trying to take advantage of the long weekend of Thanksgivings and I was listening to the NPR radio it was saying about 40 millions Americans on the road, and I said WOW I’m one of those forty millions WOW that is huge movement just in the US, WOW, but I forgot that there are everyday millions and millions other type of movement but we just look at it as part of our normal daily life. Indeed it is the normal daily activity of our dynamic life.

TheMovingSands will be a reminder for what we call normal and been neglected, only we pay attention to the abnormal, to the unusual although the normal and the usual require reflection, observation and deep thinking then we can respect nature and we would stop messing around with it.        

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